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foto: Isabel González

Time has been a fixation in Hilario Rodeiro's compositions, especially the aspects of its perception and the way it manifests itself. The pieces on his latest album are inspired by the pauses of everyday life, in various instants and intersections between different moments, which precede and announce others, which conclude or rest... or which simply happen.

Pausa moves on the borderline between instrumental pop-rock , chamber music and experimental jazz. It follows the line of avant-garde music that labels like ECM or ACT have been supporting in the last decades, with artists like Bobo Stenson, E.S.T. or Paul Motian. The album will be released in June 2024 and includes a work framed entirely in the reflection on time and moments. The compositions are based on a deep and sincere emotion in each of the melodies and textures that sound in the work, trying to catch the essence of each chosen pause. 

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Hilario is a Galician musician (Santiago de Compostela, 1981) who has been living for 15 years in the surroundings of Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa. He has been able to perform with countless international artists such as Gordon Lee, Sabine Kühlich, Chris Kase, Bob Sands, Andrej Olejnizack, Ilja Reijngoud, Deborah Carter, as well as renowned groups such as Pamplona Jazz Orquesta, R.S.Faktor, CiTriC, Los Wachisneis, and many others.

As a composer, he has created the soundscape and music for contemporary dance shows such as Orígenes, Elektrical Body and Transoceánica (Dínamo Danza) and Nikola (Atalak). It has won awards such as the BBK for best album (R.S.Faktor, 2012), V Concurs de Jazz de Barcelona (Citric, 2009), Academia de la Música (Mama Cabra, 2006).

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The quintet bases its instrumentation on bringing a fresh and unique character to their combination. It is made up of:

Juan de Diego, trumpet
Eneko Dieguez, alto sax
Julen Izarra, tenor and soprano sax
Kike Arza, double bass
Hilario Rodeiro, drumset and composition