Alexander Reichardt - Playgrounds

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Playgrounds is a jazz sextet from Barcelona founded in 2019.This album was recorded on November 2, 2019 at Sol de Sants Studios, Barcelona. The musicians are:
Alexander Reichardt - saxophone and composition
Àlvar Monfort - trumpet
Aram Montagut - trombone
Juanjo Fernández - piano and Fender Rhodes
Pau Lligadas - double bass
Hilario Rodeiro - drums
released January 1, 2020
Composer: Alexander Reichardt
Arranger: Alexander Reichardt
Producer: Alexander Reichardt
Lyricist: Alexander Reichardt
Performer: Alexander Reichardt: Saxophone | Àlvar Monfort: Trumpet | Aram Montagut: Trombone | Juanjo Fernández: Piano | Pau Lligadas: Double bass | Hilario Rodeiro: Drums | Saphie Wells: Vocals on track 5 | Antonio Navarro: Vocals on track 8